The Assignment: Create all branding, website and collaterals for this windsurfing equipment OEM. Design unified new graphics for all products (Masts, Booms and Stand Up Paddle).
The Result: Reworked/energized existing logo, created “Windsurfing's Leading Edge” slogan, responsible for website design, all product graphics, photography & retouching, brochures/copywriting, advertising, and imprinted promo products. Powerex became recognised for more than great products. It became a cohesive and competitive brand.
The Client Said: “Gil Gaus Design redesigned the way our products looked and pushed our branding head-and-shoulders above everyone else. Our advertising campaign did something new in our industry... it was competitive and turned heads by focusing on benefits and not just action shots. I was nervous to run some of the ads... and that’s a good thing! I did a lot of late night calls with Gil from our factory in China. He didn’t care as much about the late hours as he did about getting our product just right. I appreciate that work ethic. You’re not going to get that from a big corporate operation.”
-Cort Larned